Hercules Electric Co.

     Hercules Electric Co. supplied their oscillating type 2S0 and 2T0 magnetos to Fuller & Johnson for use on the model N and K.  They were a very well built magneto featuring a heavy cast bronze housing and large brass band covering the dual horseshoe magnets.  A bracket also incorporated to the magneto mounting a starting lever, allowing the mag to be cocked and the lever struck at the proper instant for bounce back starting purposes.  The ignitor plug was drilled with two series of holes.  The inner pair were for the 2T0 and the outer pair held the larger 2S0.  Both mags were identical except for physical size.  The 2T0 had smaller magnets and a shorter case with 4 rivets in its top.  The 2S0 was longer with bigger magnets and 6 rivets.  Occasionally the 2T0 is seen on 1 1/2 and 3hp engines but the majority of all sizes featured the 2S0.  Engines could be ordered with the Wizard from the factory or as an extra and starting batteries were not required.  They also used the same trip as the ignitor.  Be warned on the 9 and 12hp engine with early/later ignition trips!  The early/late lever comes extremely close to the ignitor plug bracket.  It will not care if your fingers are in the way!  Also be advised that at its extreme forward this lever will not come in contact with the bracket.  The Wizard gave way to the Sumter #14 in 1918 and is seldom seen on engines after that year.

A Wizard 2S0 plugoscillator