Cylinder Oiler

    Fuller & Johnson used several different makes and styles of cylinder oilers on their engines, likely using whatever they could get the best wholesale deal on.  It is quite probable that an engine purchased one year could have a different brand oiler than an engine purchased a year earlier or later.  In the F&J parts books they state to "give name and number of cylinder oiler when ordering repairs for same" indicating that F&J never planned on any consistency between their oiler suppliers.  This section is not intended to tell you what was definitely used on what year and model engine.  Instead it's more of a guide to indicate what likely could have been used. 

    The various manufacturers used include Powell, Michigan, Sherwood, Penberthy, American Lubricator and Essex.  Most oil cooled engines seem to have used the heavy cast brass Powell Signal oiler.  Double Efficiency, Vertical Frost-Proof, Big 4, People's Priced and early Farm Pump engines favored the Sherwood with it's distinctive flow control lever.  The sideshaft DE engines along with the large 15-25hp model K are shown sporting swing tops which were likely supplied by Michigan.  The Powell Viking and American Lubricator have been noted on several mid production Farm Pump engines.  As time went on and "cost control" became more important due to increased competition, oilers changed from ornate heavy cast brass to more plain designs made from stamped sheet brass and lighter cast brass.  Often these have no makers name on them.  They are more often seen on the later Farm Pump, NA, NB, NC, ND and NK engines.  The F&J mower engines varied from either using dual drip oilers or a large single oiler with dual feed ports.  Essex does appear to have supplied the majority of oilers for these engines.