Fuller & Johnson used both Robert Bosch and American Bosch magnetos.  The low tension type 32 was used on the Big 4 Pumper and Double Efficiency engines.  This was a very hot, high quality oscillating magneto with a cast brass body and piggyback magnets and utilized a special cast iron trip head.  All Big 4 Pumping engines used the type 32 magneto.  It sat on a cast shelf on the crankcase and was tripped via an extension arm on the cam rocker.  The trip finer itself was mounted on a rotating cam allowing for ignition timing adjustment.  A separate rod crossed in front of the cylinder and hammered the ignitor open.  On several surviving DE engines exported to Australia has been found a most unique option.  Gone was the complete torsional ignitor trip system.  A type 32 sat suspended on an ignitor plug in front of the engine.  A new high rise ignition cam with a new longer follower arm was fitted behind the cam gear.  On the magneto end was fitted a trip similar to that as used on the earlier vertical Frost-Proof engines.  This whole assembly now rocked to and fro tripping the magneto.  However there was no latch out mechanism like that fitted to ignitor engines, meaning the magneto was tripped even when the governor latched up and the engine was coasting.  So far I'm not aware of any DE engines outside of Australia with this unique setup.

Bosch type 32 on a Big 4 Pumping engine

The same magneto as mounted on the Double Efficiency

     High tension American Bosch magnetos were used on the Farm Pump Engine, Lawn Mower engine and on Light Plant engines being utilized for direct lighting purposes.  Mower and Pump engines either used a ZE1 or DA2 magneto and the Light Plant engines may have used the same.  For the Mower and Farm Pumper the Bosch was a direct replacement for the Splitdorf Dixie M1.  Some pump engines using Bosch magnetos featured a tin house that enclosed the whole magneto protecting it from the elements while others just used the small cast gear shield.  There seems to be no cut off for either although the cast guard seems have been the most popular (and cheapest to make) option.

An artists illustration of the Bosch ZE1 mag equipped Farm Pump Engine

The Bosch DA2 magneto

The tin house used to cover the magneto on some Farm Pump Engine