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Without the assistance of Jim Dunmyer, Sysop of  Toledo's TBBS, this site would not have been possible .
This is a very valuable service to the preservation movement and Jim is to be commended for his hosting of this site.

Charter for the General Distribution Newsgroup


The reason for this groups existence is that there was no suitable usenet group for the interchange of images of restored and part restored engines and similar old iron, this in my opinion was enough reason to create this group on the usenet.

We have varied interests spanning many fields and also have a lively interest in other peoples hobbies and trades, the common threads are that all of us at one time or another have looked in wonder at a piece of our engineering heritage, got the odd funny look from "normal" people whist we are up to our knees in frost covered mud rescuing a bit of treasure, or piece of rusty scrap to "normal" people, those and had the pitying look from the long suffering wife .

This group allows any vintage engineering related pictures to be posted, most people have something which could be described as engineering they treasure or covet or admire so this should be a popular self sustaining group.

The picking of the alt.binaries.images hierachy is deliberate as we have other groups in the same hierachy on other subjects and find that the majority of spam seems to pass this hierachy by.

Moderation is in my experience not required if sufficent resources are put to spam extermination when it appears.

alt.binaries.images.vintage-engineering charter

I propose the group to welcome posts on a large range of interests in the engineering field whether it be Canals, Cranes, Steam engines, Tractors, Stationary engines, Turbogenerators, Compressors, Buses, Lorries, Bridges, Light bulbs, Oil cans, Jet Engines or whatever.

As to the definition of vintage I prefer 25 years or older ( so i am vintage ! ) but really its of no importance the reason for it being in the name is to set the right tone in the group and deter company based interlopers and spammers.

All of us have pictures from shows and rallies, old books, plans, instruction manuals etc which are never ending source of pictures for this kind of group, pictures which if examined to be placed on a website would be discarded as not good enough. All these pictures have a audience and with the cost of scanners in freefall it is a waste not to give others a chance to see them, and you never know what memories might come back which may be of vital importance to another viewer.

The proposed rules

No crossposting ever, reason being that if they cannot be bothered to only speak to us they are not worth listening to.

No spam with the exception that ads from commercial organisations allowed only with the prior approval by email of a regular poster, anything dubious would need more than one approval, this would remove the need for moderating which at best is a thankless task and at worst brings censorship / netgods / spellfiends / meglomaniacs into the group there are enough of those about on the usenet.

Flames are to be discouraged as is swearing and general abusive behaviour.

Small-ad type posts are very welcome as is news type items and reports of shows and auctions, reviews of newly published books etc etc

Links to related websites from posters are encouraged,

keith 1998 privateer engineer

FAQ and Advice on adding this group to your isp's server

QUESTION, Can anyone post here ?

ANSWER, If you follow the rules yes

QUESTION, Will I get shouted at if I post a picture and it isn't very good quality

ANSWER, No but we will try and help you to post better pics.

QUESTION, Is spam allowed in here.

ANSWER, NO if you post spam or other illegal things in this group you will be stamped on.

QUESTION Who runs this group.

ANSWER, It's a democracy everybody does,

QUESTION, If I mispell a word or make a stupid mistake will I get shouted at .

ANSWER, NO Netgods, Spellfiends, Netiquette zelots and Bullies are not allowed to operate in here, they have the run of the rest of the usenet.

If you are unable to get this group using your normal server it is probably that your ISP has not added it automatically because of the large numbers of bogus groups being created by the various groups involved in the current news wars , people like hipcrime are creating thousands of groups in an attempt to paralyse the usenet, so far they have failed but the result is that most ISP's require a request to add a specific group, and also space limitations mean that they cannot take every group .

What you need to do is to first try a download of the new groups to check if it has been added recently.

Then try a full groups refresh this will take a good few minutes so beware.

When you have tried this check with your isp as to the procedure for adding groups and follow it to the letter.
if you send with the request a copy of the charter and the creation message which can be found on this LINK it will be easier


Don't be discouraged by a lack of progress keep trying and you will suceed in most cases
If all else fails e-mail me and I will try and assist

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1998 privateer engineer