Upland California, May 14, 2005

On a nice warm, clear Saturday a few WAPA members got together with some of their equipment and put on a small show in conjunction with a fund raising event for the Mennonite World Relief Fund.

The pictures show the very nice area we were given for the display, the engines and also a very nice 1936 Steyr automobile made in Austria which was adjacent to our display.  It is thought to be one of the three remaining cars in the world of this type.  It was designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche before he designed the Volkswagen.  It is powered by a flat four cylinder water cooled engine in the front driving the rear wheels and has many innovations for being as early as 1936.

The engines include numerous models by Ernie Groce, Bob Munsinger's Baker Monitor, an air cooled Domestic and small Gade shown by Ken and Larry Evans, Gene Cerveny's Ideal lawn mower engine, Dick Bouma's Samson side shaft and 5" Rider Ericsson hot air engine, Leroy Overstreet's Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 hit and miss belted up to a water pump, and a trailer of goodies shown by soon to be WAPA member Josef Inkrott.

These are thumbnails and will enlarge if you get the urge to click on them.

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