Unfinished Model - Info Wanted

Below are some pictures of a model internal combustion engine that was purchased from an estate. Unfortunately only what shows in the pictures was available.  There were no plans, instructions, additional parts, etc. to be found.  What is there appears to be very well done.  At first we thought that it was made from castings but close inspection showed that except for the flywheels the main components were fabricated from welded up pieces of material.  The cylinder-hopper assembly is of aluminum with a steel or iron liner and the main frame is steel. Missing is the head, valves,  carburetion system, ignition system and all the associated bits and pieces.

The present owner would like to know if this is a known design and if so would very much like to obtain plans so that it can be completed. Also he wonders if it is a model of a specific engine. The flywheels are 6 inches in diameter with 4 curved spokes and made of cast iron and may have come from a commercial source.

Please contact me at: if you are able to help with any information including plans, who to contact, and anything else that may be useful.

Thanks for any help, Larry Evans.

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Updated: Sept. 9, 2008

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