Unknown Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine


2 Very Nice Domestic Model Engines

A few days ago a friend came visiting and brought along an engine he and his son started working on many years ago.  There are no markings on it that I can see and he has no idea what it might have been from.  It is air cooled and 2 stroke and the magneto does say "Wico" but I can't find a model number.  Please let me know if you can help identify this engine.  I wish I had taken the time to take some measurements.

Also on this page are some pictures of a couple of very nice models of Domestic engines.  They were made about a dozen years ago by Dick Shelly and are owned by a friend of mine.  Since they are stored at my house my brother and I get to "play" with them every so often.  The first one is a spark plug ingited "Stovepipe" and the other is an igniter fired hopper cooled engine.  The "Stovepipe" is 1/2 scale.

There are larger pictures hidden behing the thumbnails.

The aluminum cylinder has a steel or iron sleeve.
The blower housing is cast iron.  The big end of connecting rod is not split. This magneto is labeled as a WICO.
Interesting crankshaft design.

Click here to go to a page of over 40 high resolution pictures of the ignitor fired model

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Updated July 16, 2008

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