Engine Hauling Trailer

Below are some pictures of a small (5' x 9') trailer my brother had made to haul engines to shows and for general use.  It is heavily built and has a drop axle for easy loading.  Two people can easily roll a typical 3 hp. engine up the ramps and for larger engines the winch can be used.  The captions explain some of the special features.  The fenders and wheels were salvaged from an older trailer.  We have used it for three or four years and it has easily met our expectations.

There are larger pictures behind these thumbnails

Overall view of trailer. From the rear quarter.
Showing the folding third wheel and spare tire mount. The decking is 5"x2¼" thick tongue and groove apitong wood that was salvaged from the floor of a railway boxcar.
Tongue area showing support for removable hand operated winch. There are two mounting heights available for the winch.
The winch is a two speed unit often used on boat trailers. The back side of the spare tire mount.
Outside of spare tire mount showing attaching bolt and lock. Typical tie-down.
The underside showing drop axle and spring attachment.  There are electric brakes fitted. The two 5 ft. ramps partially removed from their storage bay.
Locking arrangement for the ramps used during travel and storage. The ramps are welded steel frames with 1" thick plywood decking painted with a non-skid coating.
Detail of back side of ramp showing angle iron "hook" and the channel on the trailer for it to rest in. Trailer loaded with 4 engines in the 3-5 hp. range.

Updated 07-11-03

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