Novo Type "S"

The pictures below are of an early 1925 Novo type "S" 1-1/2 hp. engine.  It appears to be complete except for a muffler.  It is mounted on a non-factory four wheeled cart.  To anyone that has seen other Novo engines it is obvious that this is not the original color which was a much darker green.  This engine was part of a group of engines purchased quite a few years ago from an "interior decorator" who had repainted the whole bunch using rather strange color schemes, vinyl tape pin striping and mounting them on the little short wheelbase display carts. Fortunately he seemed to keep all the pieces.  I guess the idea was to use them as decorative items, probably in office buildings and the like.  After a little work on sealing the valve cages, cleaning and repacking the fuel pump, etc. it is now a good running engine.

Clicking on an image will download the original full size version for greater detail.  They average around 1-1/2 MB in size.


Updated: Feb. 1, 2011

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