Mitchell Drag Saw with Stover Vertical Engine

I am trying to help a lady gather information on a drag saw once owned by her grandfather. He was located in the Grays River area of Washington which is just a little north of Portland, Oregon.  Please take a look at the pictures below and contact me if you can help identify the saw rig or the engine powering it.  One picture mentions the name "Mitchel" in the caption. It has been suggested that this might be a unit sold by "Mitchell Lewis & Staver" a machinery distributor active in the area since 1882.  I can be contacted at the email address below.  Thanks for any information you can provide, Larry Evans.

Update on November 30, 2007

As a result of good folks looking at this page there have been several suggestions that the engine powering the drag saw is an early vertical Stover engine of probably 5 hp.  Also it was mentioned that Mitchell Lewis & Staver are still in business.  Bonnie, the lady with the pictures, contacted Mitchell Lewis & Staver and they were able to find a copy of an old catalog page that shows a unit that appears to be virtually identical to the one shown in the pictures below.

Curt Andree keeps a registry of early Stover engines and states that the company information that he has access to shows that Mitchell Lewis & Staver were one of the largest buyers of Stover engines.  He also sent me a picture of his own 1905 5 hp. Stover model "C".  I've added both new items to the pictures below and am now convinced that the drag saw was powered with a Stover engine and sold by Mitchell Lewis & Staver near to the turn of the 20th. century.

Curt can be contacted at the address shown below if you would like to contact him regarding adding a Stover engine to the registry or researching the history of a specific engine.

Click HERE if you want to see a much larger image of the above image for greater detail.  It is about 1 MB in size.


Updated: 12/02/07

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