Goulds Pumps

Here is some information scanned from a couple of different sources regarding some different pumps from the Goulds company. The water ram information came from a 1920 Canadian Fairbanks Morse catalog and the others from Goulds catalogs dated 1916.


Below are images of the Goulds water ram information from the Canadian Fairbanks Morse Catalog.  Clicking on them will bring up the original scans which will show good detail.








Click here for a PDF file of these images.

Below are the links to the Goulds mud pump catalog.  Click on them for the original large scans which are around 1.5 MB in size.








Click here for a PDF file of these images.

Click here to go to another page with Goulds catalog information regarding one of their large triplex pumps.


Updated: Dec 1, 2011

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