1930 1½ HP. Fairbanks Morse ZD

In late December, 2005, Bill Young was visiting southern California from Japan.  He asked me to meet him at a location a few miles away so I could bring a bunch of engine parts to my house where he planned on having me help assemble them into a working engine.

It proved to be an interesting project as it started out just a pile of parts someone else had taken apart.  We had very little time available and no parts lists, instruction manuals, etc. available on such short notice.  Fortunately the person that took it apart seemed to save all the pieces and at the end of the project there was nothing left over so I guess we did o.k.

Below are some pictures I took during the project.  They aren't in any particular order but do show the innards of this interesting little engine.  There seemed to be no compression after assembly but since we were told the cylinder had been honed we weren't too surprised.  It only took a few minutes of running it in belted up to a 5 hp. Fairbanks Morse Z style B to get some compression.  Since we had no starting crank we decided to try to start it off the belt.  The gas tank was not in usable condition so I bent the fuel line up, carefully poured some gasoline into the line, put the belt back on, put some tension on the belt and was pleasantly surprised when it started right up.  It ran long enough on that small amount of fuel for the governor to kick in which of course made us quite happy.


Updated 02-19-06

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