1924 Fairbanks Morse "Z" 3 hp.

Restoration of a Cosmetically "Rough" Engine

What we hoped was a functional magneto was not.  It is now out for repairs.  In order to show the engine this season a temporary ignition system was established using a battery and buzz coil.  A wooden box of the right size was found and mounted on the cart beneath the cylinder for the battery and coil.  A flexible contact  was mounted on a wooden block attached to the magneto mounting bracket.  This contact completes the circuit as the magneto trip arm on the cam gear passes by.  After testing, a second contact was added to provide advanced timing for running.  A switch was mounted to choose between the two.  A replacement belt pulley was also mounted at this time.

As usual, there are large pictures behind the thumbnails

Here is a view of the prototype of the temporary ignition system using a buzz coil and battery. View showing the flexible contact and pin on the cam gear.
Battery and buzz coil set up for testing. Finished product after testing, now with two contacts, switch and paint job.
Better view of both contacts and switch.  The two contacts provide timing for either starting or running. Finished battery box mounted to cart.
Lid removed from battery box showing layout of components. Different pulley attached to crankshaft.  One that came with engine had oversized bore and would not fit properly.
Finally.......running at its first public show. Temporary sign pending installation of the magneto.
Newly rebuilt American Bosch magneto now installed. Beautiful restoration of magneto done by Ted Brookover.
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Updated 12-07-03

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