1924 Fairbanks Morse "Z" 3 hp.

Restoration of a Cosmetically "Rough" Engine

The engine is now getting much closer to completion.  New weights have been fitted to the governor.  A new spring bought from one of the parts suppliers for the throttle valve rod was found to be wound in the wrong direction holding the throttle closed instead of open in the non-running condition.  A spring from another supplier solved this problem.  Smoothing the flywheel rims and painting has continued.  The pictures below show a lot of the small details needed to do a complete restoration.

As usual, there are large pictures behind the thumbnails

The flywheels have been cleaned and painted with a coat of spray on primer to prevent rusting. An example of the heavy rust pitting on the flywheel faces.
The "Icing" used to fill the pits. After application of some "Icing" and partial sanding.
The filled pits.  After painting, the faces appeared as if they had been freshly machined. After light honing the bore was smooth.  It measured within 0.002 inches of being round.  There was about 0.005 inches of taper.
Assembly continues. The fuel mixer is fitted.
The engine tag cleaned up nicely. Stainless steel acorn nuts were epoxied to the inside of the water hopper to prevent leaks around the tag and high tension standoff screws.
The governor assembly ready for installation. The governor in place.
The freshly painted crank guard in place. The magneto in position.
Oil cups fitted to the exhaust valve rocker arm. Painting continues on the flywheel assembly.
Flywheels now painted with the rims and crankshaft extensions in black. Flywheels and crankshaft in place.
The original tube for the high tension lead with new brass standoffs. The black paint might not be original but I think it adds to the appearance of the engine.
Vent holes in the fuel tank cap. Brass handle soldered to the fuel tank cap leaves the vents open but protected.

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Updated 02-12-03

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