1924 Fairbanks Morse "Z" 3 hp.

Restoration of a Cosmetically "Rough" Engine

While I have continued cleaning and preparing parts my brother Ken has been collecting the larger castings at his house to start fitting them to the fabricated steel cart he has been building.  Also during this time a good friend of ours has made a new fuel tank for the engine.  Painting has also started on the pieces that are ready for assembly.  We use a spray can primer and then use two coats of "Sign Painters One Shot" applied with a foam brush.  Ken mixed stock colors and came up with what seems to be a good approximation of the original Fairbanks Morse green.

As usual, there are large pictures behind the thumbnails

Part of the arsenal of cleaning tools.  In addition there are numerous hand brushes, scrapers, picks, etc. Flywheels set up for cleaning.  The straps keep them from turning while using the power wire brushes.
Just the start of cleaning and preparation. Lots of nooks and crannies to get cleaned out.
Some of the tools used in the nooks and crannies. Pretty close to ready for painting.  The flywheel faces will get the "Icing" treatment to smooth them out.
The crank guard fresh out of the molasses bath. And now with a coat of primer.
Major castings on new cart. New cylinder oil supply pipe.
New fastener holding water hopper to block.  No gasket but RTV used as a sealant. Freshly painted head.
Front axle of cart. Cart designed to allow front axle to turn full 360 for maximum maneuverability.
Attachment for the easily removable handle. Wheels found in salvage yard.  Roller bearings and they say "Fairbanks" on them.
Some smaller parts ready for assembly. Fuel mixer.
Piston and connecting rod assembly. Cam gear, magneto and some governor parts after bead blasting.

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Updated 12-17-02

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