1924 Fairbanks Morse "Z" 3 hp.

Restoration of a Cosmetically "Rough" Engine

The saga continues with further cleaning, de-rusting, etc.

As usual, there are large pictures behind the thumbnails

As wire brushing continued several strange defects became apparent. Underneath seemingly clean iron thin layers would flake off showing another layer of rust.
I suspect there might have been uneven cooling of the original casting causing some lamination that eventually rusted between the layers. After much work with the body sander it is ready for a coat of primer for protection.
Before painting I decided to use the magic cure-all on the badly pitted gasket face on the bottom of the water hopper. Here you can see the filled in areas that will make sealing this joint easier.  I plan on using RTV instead of a gasket.
After a coat of rattle-can sandable primer. Took a little break from metal work and built a new support for the crankshaft and flywheels. Not quite furniture grade, but functional.
As you can see, the old one has seen better days.  Not near as sturdy as the new one. The next phase is to prepare the block for painting starting with degreasing with some old "Gunk" I found in the garage.
Now it is time to get busy with the wire brushes, scrapers, etc.

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Progress continues-painting & assembly
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Updated 06-21-02

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