Wisconsin Powered Fairbanks Morse Generator

This generator was most likely built in 1963 since the Wisconsin THD engine powering it was manufactured in January of that year. The generator head was made by the Fairbanks Morse company.  It had been used as the standby generator in a nursing home and became obsolete when they were required to install a larger unit.  They accepted our offer to remove it at no cost to them.

The air cooled Wisconsin engine is rated at 12 hp at the 1800 rpm the generator needs to produce 60 cycle power but can do 17 hp at 3600 rpm.  It can produce up to 5,000 watts of power providing 115/230 VAC .

The generator head has, in addition to the AC windings, a set of DC windings that serve both as a 12 VDC starting motor and a charging system for the 12 V battery.  Among the modifications to convert it to a portable unit was to remove the large steel skid with an enclosed 15 gallon fuel tank and make a  cart with wheels.  We already had a smaller side mounted Wisconsin tank available which we used.  Since it had previously been hard wired an electrical distribution box and circuit breakers were added.

It has already proven its worth since shortly after it was in working condition I experienced a three day power outage caused by severe winds and it performed well supplying power for the necessities such as refrigeration, microwave, etc.

The pictures below show it as originally found and how it is now after the modifications.

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Updated: April 26, 2013

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