Duro Pump Display

Below are pictures of a 3 HP. Fairbanks Morse engine belted to a 2 cylinder double acting Duro pump.  The input/output of the pump has been modified a little to provide an interesting illusion while running.  The moveable unattached vessel it pumps into never fills (or empties) while the engine is running.

The actual method of aligning and tensioning the belt may be of interest.  With the two units being so close together and the pump pulley so narrow alignment is critical.  We have engine wheel chock boards set up for several different engines and the belt has a small section that can be removed to change its length depending on the engine used.

Thumbnails will expand to larger pictures

Overall view of the set-up. The belt is twisted to allow the pump to run the proper direction for good splash lubrication of its crankcase.
Note the good alignment of the pulleys. Crankcase area of the pump.  The connecting rod bearings and wrist pins have recently been re-worked.
We add some soluble oil to the water to protect the inside of the pump during storage.  It also makes it a little harder to see how it works. Note the Schrader valve.  What is it for?  I've seen them on many pumps.
Turnbuckles used for adjustment of both tension and alignment. Turnbuckle attachment using aluminum spacer.
Pump not running showing the suction tube. Protective cover for plexiglas suction tube.
Just two bolts with wing nuts attach boards together. Detail of aluminum spacer for the turnbuckle.
The pump skids are not attached to base in order to allow adjustment. We have several different boards sized for various engines.

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Updated 03-22-04

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