Domestic Air Cooled Engine

Here are a few pictures of a very recently acquired Domestic air cooled side shaft engine built by the Domestic Engine and Pump Company.  It was completely restored over ten years ago and has been kept in weather proof storage ever since.  As far as we know, it has never been in a public show since the restoration.  There seems to be a very faint serial number (possibly 1072) stamped in the end of the crank shaft which seems to date the engine sometime in 1907.  There is no tag or badge on the engine and I see no logical place to attach one.

It has a bore and stroke of 4" x 6" so is probably a 2 hp. engine judging from information given by Wendel for other Domestic engines.  It is hit and miss governed and ignition is by ignitor with a battery and coil.  It is missing the original rod oiler but we will use a grease cup while we try to find one.  The cart is not original but very well made with heavy side rails and cast iron wheels.

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Updated 03-06-06

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