Cole Drill and Vise

The Cole drill and vise was offered as combination set of tools for general mechanical repair.  Periodically the drill is offered on eBay but I have never seen the vise.  The drill is a hand operated device that is very efficient due to the built in screw drive that is able to put a tremendous amount of pressure directly on the point of the drill bit during operation.  The versatility of the tool allows it to be used in many different configurations.  Since it is hand powered it can be used in the most remote or hard to access locations.  Thanks to Rob Skinner you can see some pictures of a drill in use or download a promotional brochure.

The thumbnails lead to larger images

The items as I bought them. Vise assembled and mounted on portable stand. Same maker as the drill.
The vise can rotate a full 360 degrees in the vertical plane. Put a steel bar in the hole and the vise head becomes a very large pipe wrench. Pressure screw and ratchet mechanism.
The vise can be used as a holder for the drill. Detail of combined anvil and swivel mount. Detail of pipe jaws.
Cover of promotional brochure.


Updated 01-25-04

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