Wood Engine Cart

Below are some pictures of a wood engine transport cart my brother put together about 15 years ago.  I recently removed the engine so the cart could be refinished.  15 years of weathering had taken its toll.  This cart was built to replace one that had suffered damage due to a design flaw.  The original wood used was redwood and the joints for the main engine supports were designed with a lap joint that created a stress point that caused the main weight bearing members to crack.  Not a good thing with about 300 pounds of engine being supported.

The advantage of this design is that it can be made with common wood working tools, a minimum of metal work, and assembled with off the shelf hardware.

The axle and wheel assemblies were salvaged from the old cart for use on the new one.  All wood was replaced with some good clear grain 4" x 4"  Douglas Fir and the steering pivot was redesigned.  The captions for the pictures point out some of the design details.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images

The cart just after engine removal. Some of the dirt and grime. Areas of loss of varnish, oil staining, etc.
Steering axle mount. Stationary rear axle mount. 3 inch angle iron support and steering bearing surface.
Metal plate and steel washer for steering pivot. Underside of angle iron support. Beginning of wood preparation for re-finishing.  I used a chemical paint stripper prior to sanding.
Wheel and axle assemblies with some assorted hardware. Some of the more than 100 pieces of hardware needed for assembly. Just about ready for final sanding.  All joints were originally glued and are still strong.
Ready for staining. Maneuvering handle is simple electrical conduit which is removed when engine is on display. Handle pivots made from surplus aluminum turnbuckles.
Cleaned up and repainted metal pieces. Repainted wheels.  These happen to be 7" in diameter. After walnut stain and three coats of spar varnish.  1/2" all-thread rods for lateral support.
1/2" carriage bolts secure the rear axle support. Molybdenum disulfide (MDS) filled nylon pivot instead of original steel washer. Steering system assembled with a long 1/2" carriage bolt as the pivot.
Rear axle partially mounted.  With wheels mounted the cart weighs 82 pounds. Engine being re-mounted to cart. Ready for another show season.


Updated 04-25-04

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