Bits & Pieces

Here are some pictures of some of the smaller details of the 1911 50 hp Fairbanks Morse type RE engine located on the grounds of the Mount Wilson Observatory in the mountains above Pasadena, California.  This engine is still in it's original location and is in an excellent state of preservation considering that it is over 90 years old.

As you would expect there are full size images behind these thumbnails.

Supervision at it's best Generator - 40KW, 125 VDC
Looking down on fuel and compressed air plumbing Lever changes valve timing to convert one cylinder to an air operated motor for starting the engine
Fuel bowl assembly maintains constant level of fuel to manifold assembly The second needle valve was most likely for an unused water injection system
Detail of platform support Safety shield for ignition system (exposed 120 VDC terminals & rotating parts)
New safety shield for active direct current switch board Needle valve location
11 inch needle valve Igniter detail showing attachment dog and upper end of push rod
Igniter body - 7 inches long Igniter points
More pictures of this engine


Updated July 23, 2002

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