Below are a few pictures of the clock drive mechanism that provided the tracking motion for the 60 inch telescope located at Mt. Wilson, California for a period of about 60 years.  It was built in the observatory's machine shop in Pasadena, California.  The design was based on a clock made by Warner & Swasey for the 40-inch telescope at the Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin and shown in the top etching.  The Mt. Wilson clock was made and put into operation in 1908 and was used until 1968 when it was replaced with stepping motors and electronic control systems.  It was recently decided to reassemble and restore the clock for display purposed.  The pictures show the pile of parts we started with and also the progress to date in the reassembly.  The primary power source for the clock was a heavy weight on a steel cable that slowly dropped into a deep pit.  When the weight reached bottom it was rewound by an electric motor.  The act of rewinding did not affect the action of the clock. 

Updated 06/27/05

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