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Leroy Clark, P.O. Box 404, Wharton, Ohio 43359, USA. Phone: 419 458-5412

"It is only within the past few years that the economy, efficiency, and numerous other advantages
of the internal combustion motor, or gasolene engine, have come to be understood and appreciated."

A quote from Catalogue No. 11 of the Root & Van Dervoort Engineering Co.

    We have been collecting old engins for over 18 years now and really enjoy going to the 7 or so shows that we do each and every year, including Portland, Northwest Ohio, SCRAP, and NAMES Just a few of the better ones "WE" like and enjoy.

    We started collecting the Briggs and Stratton line in which we had many different models, like:

A, B, H, M, N, P, Q, Y, Z, FH, FI, L1, ZZ, WM, WI, WMB

and more. At one time over 150 of these types were in the garage in different states of being. We also have had many other types of air cooled engins, such as Lawson, General Engine, Jacobsen, Pioneer, Reo, Pincor, Cunningham, Ohlsson & Rice, Maytag, Power Products, and others.

    At this time we are also making small hit-n-miss engins out of old incomplete engins and old air compressors. I have now built 34 complete engins and  I am working on about 3 more, different types like another steam engin , the "LUCY":

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This one was donated and sold at the Portland ATIS Charity Auction
(The current auction is here: Charity Auction )

This LUCY:- will be the one we will keep and put up on the shelf.

It now sits next to an engin we call:- Dizzy Desi

The little Flame Licker model:-

(we have built 2 different models now both from the Hoggers Roost)
is done and setting on the shelf, I am also now working on a

compressor type (inverted and small)

a gearless engin (this one is a toughy), another small hit-n-miss type, and I have enough blocks to build about 18 more of the cut-away Striggs & Bratton engins. I have a few model engin, casting kits here also but I am in no hurry to get any of them done. You  too can build an engin out of anything if you have the right tools, the most important being a hacksaw!!!  If it looks important then cut it off and start over.

    Last year at the shows with the engins, it was noticed that our trailer was starting to look real bad, so we decided to redeck the trailer, the lumber has been cut and planed along with sealed. We now need to remove the engins and pull all the old deck off of it and install the new decking. We are also deciding which engins to load to show and where to mount them onto the trailer.

This project will now be on hold until a later time.

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