This first picture is of a 3hp John Deere that came into Portland this last fall. It is a throttle governed engin. It was reported to have been found in Africa and shipped back to the states.

Here is another view of the same engin, notice the carb if you can.

The next pics are from Portland also and was what we thought the buy of the show! The largest known Woodpecker still alive, a 14hp.

The fuel tank on this engin looked to hold 8 gallon of fuel. It was runable and of an older restoration. Here is the other side of her.

These two Challenges came into the Portland show and sat in front of our engin trailer. The Black one was very different than any other we have ever seen, it must have been of very late making. The other is a 1 1/2hp. model and we ran it the entire weekend.

The 1 1/2 model was only "2" numbers away from our 3hp model at #21200. The black 3hp model was numbered #27415. Here is another shot of these engins.

The show we always attend on Labor Day weekend is called S.C.R.A.P. and is located in Gibsonburg, Ohio. This showed up for the annual auction they hold each year.

This engin, a United States Engine Works of Chicago ILL., was very stuck but was almost complete. It was very nice looking and sold for 4975.00 at the auction. It is now in Canada waiting restoration. Here is another shot of her.

This is a Hercules built engin that was tagged Canfield Supply Company, it had a serial number of #315047.

This engin came into Findlay and we hauled it to a friend in Michigan who bought it. It was sold by Sears and was a marine engin but was four stroke design. It is tagged a Motor-Go and would start in either direction through a very complex ignition set-up.