Here are some of the engins that have a home at our place at this moment, more pictures are to come.
(First ones are those without a photograph, but we are working on that, second are those with a picture)

Challenge 3hp S/No 21198

Challenge 2hp


Challenge 1-1/2hp S/No

Delco Light Plant S/No 70462

Delco Light Plant - spares engin

Associated 3-Mule Team

Root & VanDervort 2hp S/No 56903

Hercules Jaeger 260965

Lucy Engins 019/020/021

Root & Vandervort 4hp 27834

Root & Vandervort 1hp AL 35188

International Titan 1hp VA177"


Jacobson 5hp

Jacobson 5hp

Challenge 3hp S/No 20679

"Striggs & Bratton" sideshaft #003

Leader 5hp 3508

Flame Licker model 007

Engins of Days Gone By

Middleton, Woodpecker 1-1/2hp 803

Lucy #012

Associated Chore Boy 1-3/4hp 310597

Chicago Flexible Shaft

International 1-1/2hp - 2-1/2hp LAA 62824

International LB 1-1/2hp

International LB 3 - 5hp

International Tom Thumb



Striggs & Bratton Homebuilt #006

Fuller & Johnson 1 to 1-1/2hp 55173

Rock Island 2-1/2 hp 90246

Galloway 2 -1/4hp 027107


Fuller & Johnson 3hp


International (M) 1 - 11/2hp A70013

Rock Island 2hp A25674

John Deere (E) 1 -11/2hp 273626

Sattley 1-11/2hp 66430

Maytag Model 72

Maytag Model 82 -1921

Maytag Model 92 542297

Maytag Model 92

Striggs & Bratton Homebuilt #030

Dizzy Desi #027

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A new section to show some of the engins we see at the shows we do each year.
Digital Cameras are great!

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Here are some special interests and events our family does and enjoys.


Please bear with us, more pictures need loading and more need to be taken so If you have any comment or suggestions please feel free to let me know as we are trying to make this as useful and informative as possible. Thank You. Also if you have some engin pictures you would like posted, contact me and we will see that they make it to the internet.

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