Type "V" Vertical Petrol Engine

Tangye produced a Vertical style engine in both Petrol and Oil versions. The Petrol version was fitted with "Throttle Governor" as standard but could be ordered with "Hit and Miss Governor"

At a later date Tangye dropped the option for "Hit and Miss Governor" as well as reducing the number of engine HP ratings available

As with most Tangye dating records when the first "V" engine was built is unknown, but from serial numbers collected for the register I would say about 1918, note some believe it may be as early as 1913 but serial numbers collected so far would make it later.

As can be seen from the tables below, type "V" Petrol engines were given a three letter Reference designation, the first starting with the letter B, indicated engine HP then the second letter always V indicated type "V" Vertical and the third letter always "P" for petrol. Heavier flywheel Electric Lighting engines were given a forth letter "E".

This information was taken from "Tangyes Vertical Oil & Petrol Engines, catalogue No 262 not dated and a later Catalogue No 305 not dated.

Note: the register has several Type "V" engines with slightly different flywheel diameters than those shown in the catalogues.

As additional data is obtained the details on this page will be updated.

The engines possess the following Features:-

* Sensitive Governor on either Throttle or Hit & Miss system, controlling speed and consumption of fuel.

* Magneto - Electric Ignition with Variable Timing Device - No external Lamp.

* Steel Crankshaft running in ring-oiled bearings and Splash Lubrication for internal working parts.

* Machine-cut Gear Wheels and Machine Cams.

* Oil groove around the engine frame & Easily accessible for cleaning.

* Highest efficiency & economy.

* For Electric-Lighting the engine is fitted with two specially heavy flywheels for steady running.

* Water Tanks are not supplied unless specially ordered, no pully is supplied with engines for Electric-Lighting.

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