Tangye Engine Plates

As stated on the Tangye home page disclaimer, exact dating of early Tangye engines is hard but with a lot of careful research I believe the date range of plates used by Tangye were close to those stated below.

Note: the use of Plate numbers are not Tangye designation, only used for identification on these pages

Approx 1891 - 1900

Plate 1 used on Pinkney Patents Petroleum Engines

Approx 1891 - 1900

Plate 2 used on Pinkney Patents Gas Engines

Approx 1900 - 1904

Plate 3 used after Pinkney Patents Engines into the type "P" Engines

Approx 1903 - ?

Plate 5 used on Petrol Marine Engines

Approx 1904 - ?

Plate 4 used After Type "P" Engines