Pinkney Patents Petroleum (or Oil) Engine

Charles W. Pinkney started work with Tangye in 1876 and worked closely with Robson, (whose engines were being made by Tangye) on his gas engine, Pinkney’s inventiveness and experience made him extremely valuable to Tangyes in these years. He was soon given charge of the gas engine ‘sheds’ and his opinion was relied upon for the assessment of new gas-engine inventions submitted to the firm.

By 1889 Pinkney had developed his own gas engine but the ‘Otto patent was rapidly running out and it was eventually decided in the Spring of 1891 to start manufacturing a four-cycle engine on the ‘Otto principle rather than to proceed with the unknown Pinkney model.

It is unknown how long after the Gas engine was released that Tangye started production of the Petroleum model.

These engines featured the following features

* Mild steel forged crankshaft.

* Supplied with cooling tank, exhaust silencer.

* Electric Lighting engines were fitted with two flywheels

This type of engines carried a Tangyes Petroleum Engine, Pinkney Patents plate that can be seen on Tangye Plates Page.

The information below was taken from "Catalogue of Gas and Petroleum Engine" dated Aug 1897.

As additional data is obtained the details on this page will be updated.

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