Tangyes Patents Petroleum Engine

It is believed Tangye non designated type Petroleum (Oil) engines followed on from the Pinkney's Patents engines.

As with most Tangye dating records when the first non designated type engines were built is unknown, but from catalogues available they were first listed in 1901 , with slight changes listed in 1902.

The 1902 Catalogue changes from the 1901 issue are

* Change of fuel type from Petrolium to Oil.

* Release of a small 2hp engine.

* Release of Shallow Base and Portable engines.

* Release of Benzoline and Alcohol engines.

This type of engines carried a Tangyes Patents plate that can be seen on Tangye Plates Page.

The information below was taken from "Petroleum Engine dated Aug 1901 and "Oil Engines catalogue No 51 dated 1902.

As additional data is obtained the details on this page will be updated.

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