Tangyes Patents Gas Engine

It is believed Tangye non designated type Gas engines followed on from the Pinkney's Patents engines.

As with most Tangye dating records when the first non designated type engines were built is unknown, but from catalogues available they were first listed in 1902 , but assume they were available in 1901 inline with the Petroleum engines.

The 1902 Catalogue lists the following design features

* Removable cylinder liner and porcelain tube ignition.

* Machined steel crankshaft.

* Supplied with cooling tank, exhaust silencer, cast iron gas bag.

* 30 hp to 75 hp engines fitted with two flywheels

* 100 hp & 125 hp engines fitted with extended crank supported in outer bearing

This type of engines carried a Tangyes Patents plate that can be seen on Tangye Plates Page.

The information below was taken from "Gas Engine dated Dec 1902.

As additional data is obtained the details on this page will be updated.

tangy_gas image