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"Leroy", you scratch my wood I'll break your face

I just cannot watch

It's OK Dave its still breathing

Ted's Magic

Steve & Mel with new big toy, Love your new coat Mel

Was it true that Tim bought the whole 5000 copies of the local paper, Good one Tim

Hey Ron hide that Maytag before Dave sees it

We have both got one

Reg and his ancient mating ritual


Big Day Out

Calvin Brookover in his favorite Electric Chair

Could say a lot but will leave it at "The eyes have it"

Look who Ruth has found

Lisa is not as light as she used to be

Look who has new Ottowa books

The Aussies will do anything for a free shirt Bill

Arnie is that a Czech made smoking Maytag or what

Best group of people in the world - Wednesday

Trying to get it right the Friday group

I did not think it was much of a joke either Jim

Englands finest at Portland

You got the fuel turned on Jim

We don't trust him either Helen

Identical Twins