The Crossley "J " was made with a polished metal flywheel face, this engine's face was pitted and required to be machined. The head mounting bolt holes were found to be perfect for mounting a home made cutting attachment shown below.
I used a Cooper badged Stover KF engine with small pulley to turn the Crossley flywheel at a good cutting speed

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First design of cutter bar, not stable enough producing varying cutting depths, note flat steel will be replaced by brass shim to vary cutting depth.

Condition of Flywheel face

Crossley pulley belted to a 4 hp Cooper (Stover) KF, trial light cut

Mk2 Cutter bar design, angle iron cut away to support cutting tool, brass shim fitted to both sides of mounting bolt

Complete set up, chain block winch used to pull Cooper forward to tension drive belt, Friend Fred Roberts in charge of cutting

Final result of cutting and light polishing Flywheel face

Removing Flywheel from Crank