Note: The first engines were built by Buzacott & Co LTD until 1923 when the assets of the engine works were sold to Rosebery Engine Works LTD

Hence most engines to be found will have been built by Rosebery, even those plated Buzacott


Sydney, New South Wales

BUZACOTT Name Plate Engines

Early original built Buzacott

Buzacott 4 hp Vertical

Buzacott 1.5hp/2.5hp 600/1000 rpm No 10728 Vertical (Bolt on Hopper Lid)

Buzacott 5.5 hp No 3883 Built 1926 Horizontal

Buzacott 4 hp No 7152 Horizontal

Buzacott 2 hp No 14323 Horizontal (originally Green)

Buzacott Farm Pumper

ROSEBERY Name Plate Engines

4 hp No C49898

OTHER Name Plate Engines

Champion 4 hp No 9682

Champion 2 hp No 2717

Britstand 2 hp No 10714