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Hugh Victor McKay built a winnowing machine in 1884, he had other companies build his machines until 1885 when McKay Harvester Company was established at Ballarat Victoria. By 1902 the company was building 1000 reapers a year. In 1910 H V McKay formed a partnership with the Scott Engine Company who were making a range of 2 stroke Vertical Engines. The new company was located at Sunshine Victoria and continued to build the 2 strokes now called Sunshine Engines. From early in the companies history they had an association with Massey Harris and after Hugh died in 1928 had control by 1930. The last engine a Sundial was built in 1954 when the company was sold to Massey Ferguson

SUNSHINE 5 HP Type B Number 5607 - Two Stroke built 1917, it has a Bore of 4.5" & Stroke of 4.5". This engine spent its working life along the Hunter River in NSW

SUNDIAL 4 HP Type A Number 2563 - built 1942, it has a Bore of 5" & Stroke of 5.5" Fitted with a Lucas N1 L Magneto. The engine spent its working life at Portland NSW driving a chaff cutter.

SUNDIAL 2 HP Type B Number 6285 - Still to be restored this engine spent its working life on a sheep station near Taralga NSW


In 1900 W V Buzacott from the company Buzacott & Co LTD brought back from the Hercules Engine Company USA. 3 oil engines and the Australian Agency, it is thought that manufacturing of engines soon began. In 1923 Buzacott & Co LTD sold the assets of the Rosebery Engine Works (Rosebery Sydney NSW) to a newly formed company Rosebery Engine Works LTD which had basically the same directors. The first engine built at the original Rosebery Engine Works was a Pumper No 210 sold on 14 Nov 1921. Westinghouse Rosebery engines were sold to many agricultural manufactures who fitted their own name plates

BUZACOTT 6 HP Type 6CH Number C22868 - Built Feb 1944 and was sold to Buzacott Wolseley the engine spent its working life at Portland NSW driving a wheat thresher

ROSEBERY 4HP Type 4CH Number C56151 - Built 1951


In 1903 D Ronaldson started a small company in Ballarat Victoria, soon after he sold a chaff cutting plant under the trademark of AUSTRAL. 1904 saw his brother join the company and in 1905 J Tippett became financially committed to the new company of Ronaldson Bros & Tippett Pty Ltd. Their first engine was built in June 1904 which was a hot bulb belt driven governor on top of an A frame open crankcase. The first 300 engines were a disappointment, the Austral being redesigned using a timing valve which was a feature of the English Blackstone, from this point the Austral sideshaft oil engine gained popularity and over 6000 were built between 1908 and 1928. R&T made many types of engines with their 50,000 a type N being built in 1949. The early 70's seen the demise of the company with the dumping of cheaper US and Japanese made engines

AUSTRAL 8 HP Lamp Start Number 2759 - Built May 1920. It has a Bore of 7.5" and Stroke of 13" this engine first worked on a property at Gundagai N.S.W. This engine is now restored See how it looks Click Here:

RONALDSON BROS & TIPPETT Type N. - Badged WINCHCOME CARSON (Queensland Agent) Petrol / Kerosene 3 HP Type AW Number 19333 Built 1941 fitted with a American Bosh Magneto. The engine came from a butchers shop in Portland NSW and is painted in its original colour.


Moffat Virtue were general agricultural equipment manufactures based in Sydney NSW.

MOFFAT VIRTUE 3HP Number 8457 built 1943. This engine is fitted with a Standard Carburetor with float chamber so originally had a wall mounted fuel tank, it also originally had a separate water tank. The engine is different to the normal as it is fitted with an exhaust heated inlet manifold. The engine spent is working life in the Hartley area NSW.


James Martin were general machinery importers at Stanmore, Sydney NSW importing many brands of steam and oil engines before they started building their own in 1921, this resulted in moving their foundry to Rhodes, Sydney. Their engine building did not last long with their last engine being built in 1923, they built four types A1 of 1.5 HP & B1 of 2.25 HP both low speed Dairy petrol engines and A2 of 4 HP & B2 of 6HP both portable petrol / kero engines running at higher speed. It is unknown how many engines were made by James Martin

JAMES MARTIN 4HP Type A2 this engine has a bore of 3.25" & stroke of 5" it is fitted with a Dixie Magneto (thought not original) and is thought to be built in 1922,


After emigrating from England in 1871 George Griffiths set up an Ironmongery and Agricultural equipment repair shop in Toowoomba QLD. 1901 saw the manufacture of Well Drilling and Windmill equipment being sold as "Southern Cross", its reputation for strenght and effective operation saw the trade name "Southern Cross"adopted by the foundry. soon Kerosine Engines, Pumps & Milking machines were introduced, later Diesel engines, Generators and Irrigation Sprinklers were added. WW11 saw massive army orders for engines, generators and munitions. The 50's saw the company diversify into sheep properties, vehicle franchises and establish branches throughout Australia, Power generating plants for rural towns and properties as well as alternators and electric motors became synonymous with "Southern Cross". During the 60's high speed air cooled diesel engines were introduced but ceased in 1970 as a result of cheaper imports.

The Griffiths family wholly owned the company until 1987, May 1993 saw the foundry separated from the pump and irrigation business and in may 1994 was renamed "Southern Cross Pumps & Irrigation Pty Ltd.

ENGINE MANUFACTURING: Toowoomba started making their own engines in Mar 1927 engine No 1 being a 5 hp. Farm pumper engines of the American Fuller & Johnson design were introduced at No 251 and were built from 1927 till 1958, some of these engines were painted reddish brown but most were Deep Brunswick Green. Twin cylinder verticles were made in 7,8,9 & 10 hp. and are very rare. Diesels were made between 1934 and 1982 with the YB the most popular being made in batches of 750 at a time. All up the foundry made over 90,700 engines.

SOUTHERN CROSS Farm Pumper 1.5 HP Number 48748. Type J, one of a batch of 150 built Aug 1954. History unknown

SOUTHERN CROSS 6 HP Type PC, Number 3793. built 1936. History unknown


Blaxland Chapman Marine Co was a division of St. George Motors Pty Ltd at 132 Princes Highway Arncliffe NSW

BLAXLAND PUP Mod SXT 3.5 HP. This engine was originally fitted in a fishing boat on the Hawkesbury River NSW