* JKEE's List of Engines *

Joey Kelley's Elderly Engines' List!

JKEE's List of Engines!
Engine NumberManufacturerModelSerial NumberYearCondition/Parts Needed
1Johnson/Iron HorseX-448878351944Running!
2Briggs and Stratton6S557687September, 1952Running!
3ContinentalAC6 353247??Running!
4Briggs and Stratton6B-FB122714July, 1957Running!
5Briggs and StrattonFI5945January, 1929Not Running, need coil
6Briggs and StrattonN755744November, 1947Minor problems
7Briggs and StrattonY266745April, 1936Running!
9Briggs and StrattonWMB (1)557949June 1939Need coil
10Briggs and StrattonA (1)176032January, 1947Not running
12Briggs and StrattonA (2)202892December, 1947Running
13Reo2L176186?? haven't touched
14Reo28410422X?? haven't touched
15Reo660 (1)7G300004X??haven't touched
16Reo660 (2)7G2474X??haven't touched
17Briggs and StrattonA (3)2395March, 1934Running
18MaytagTwin, 72D970534November, 1941Runs like Heck! Yippie!
21Briggs and StrattonWMB (2)1027209January, 1949Running!
22Briggs and StrattonH11926September, 1936Running!
23Briggs and Stratton5S (2)No TagCirca 1951Briggs with a Buzz, Runs!
24Clinton??No Tag??parts engine, complete except air cleaner
25International"M" 3HP172921920Still outside under a tarp! Not Running
26Clinton??No Tag??Runs and Starts great! On a Hoe-Trac walk-behind
27Busy Bee5 HPHaven't Checked??Froze UP! In the shop
28Briggs and Stratton5S (3) 50767August, 1949Runs great!
29WisconsinTHD?no tag??Runs and Starts great! (Gotta love electric starters!) Now on 12V DC generator!
29WisconsinAK844373 1947Free, need a valve job, taking donations! :-)
30Briggs and Stratton5S (4) 1201989July, 1953Runs like the best of them!
32MaytagSingle, 92568774July, 1934Runs! Starts within 2 kicks!
33ContinentalAU-7BA 3001??Army Surplus, haven't played around with it yet
34Reo??????Suction carb, and no tag. Can anyone ID it? Haven't touched
35Reo5220-81604??recoil start, havnen't played around with it yet
36JacobsonTwo Cycle ??????haven't played around with it yet
37Briggs and StrattonA (5) 35118 Sept. 1938 Runs Great!!!
38Briggs and Stratton5S (4) 167020 May 1950 Haven't played with yet.
39Fairbanks Morse, mfd. by Onan?? ?? ?? Generator, have two, making one from the pair, winter project
40Briggs and Stratton Engine, Locke LawnmowerBR4, FA 27339, 1055 May 1939, Same? Runs Great!!!

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