Time for some changes

My two newest riding mowers a Huffy Fairlane and a Trams If anyone reading this know anything at all about the Trams please contact me.

The Allis model G is finished

Here I am sitting on it

My newest toy is a 1928 Easy washing machine engine

My new Jacobsen 4-Acre engine

NOVO: My new Novo AG

This is a push sickle mower, probably from the 1920s

I call this one Old and New, it's a Tru-test push edger/trimmer and a Jacobsen power trimmer

Here's something scary-a self portrait!

An early 1970s Flymo; it's a hovercraft mower--no wheels!

Fairbanks Morse mower from the early 60s

A 1957 REO rotary with a Lausen vertical shaft engine; the tube of the handle is the gas tank! Ready for this-the mower was stored under my John Deere B. A tire went flat on the tractor which settled down on the mower and flattened 3 wheels.

A Briggs 6H, an early vertical shaft engine made by turning a model 6 on its side and adding an oil pump

One of my 1929 Briggs FH engines

My 1929 MotoMower with the Briggs FH from above on it

Here I am on my 1939 Farmall H getting ready for the parade

A Bunton Duzmore from the early to mid 60s, the small wheel can be locked in place or allowed to swivel. This particular one was used in Baltimore, MD

1949 Lawnboy with a Briggs NS, self-propelled with a single handle

A Mott Hammer Knife flail mower from the early 50s

This is a before picture a 1947 REO Trimalawn. Here's an after picture, I haven't painted the hood yet because there is a fairly decent original decal on it (oops, have to add this later when I find the picture).

This is a Craftsman mower, probably from the late 40s or early 50s with a Clinton 350 engine. The 350 was one of the smallest engines Clinton made, the intake and exhaust valves are on opposite sides of the piston. The tractor in the background is my Father's restored Silver King.

Last year's restoration project: A whirlcut mower, before and after

My new Nelson Bros. engine (second shot). Picked it up at an auction. Seems to be reasonably complete; it does have a stuck exhaust valve and a broken rocker arm and a couple of cosmetic bits missing: proper breather, air cleaner, piece of the shroud over the head. Managed to break the exhaust valve when trying to remove it (better than breaking the head).

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