1910 Vaughn Engine
1/2 Scale Model

Bob Matthews & I built a pair of these engines during the Winter of 2004 - 2005, taking about 500 hours total. That includes building the bases and transportation boxes and wiring the battery boxes. (my wife actually built the boxes) We started with casting kits from Debolt Machine, Inc, from Zanesville, OH, 740-454-8082. These were our first engines, and the first time we ever worked with castings, so there were some challanges along the way. As it turns out, we had to re-make only a few minor parts and most other mistakes aren't noticable.

Like other Debolt models, these engines are great runners. They start easily and settle down quickly into the stereotypical Hit & Miss pattern, something I enjoy listening to all day long. At this writing, my Vaughn has over 250 hours on it, averaging about 25-30 hours per show.

Here's a view from the LH end, showing the ignitor and cylinder head.
From the rear, showing the crank & connecting rod.
A closeup of the governor and cams.
The battery box, also used for the Olds engine.

Some pertinent facts:
Weight is about 30#, flywheel is 9" diameter. This engine is patterned after the only one known to exist, owned by Ken Wolf of Indiana. We use camp fuel, either Coleman or the Wal-Mart equivelant with about 100:1 2-stroke oil mixed in. Mobil 1, 10W-30 oil is used for all lubrication except for the con rod big end, which uses gun grease in the greaser cup. The engine will run about 6 hours on 4 oz. of fuel, and the battery will easily last for an entire show.

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