Jim Dunmyer's Sawmill Operation
Full Description of mill and its operation:
Pictures, mostly taken on March 27 and 31, 1997
MAR31_01 View of front of building with large log on skidway, 50-gallon
fuel tank in front of building
JUN07_01 View of skidway with new outer beams installed.
MAR27_01 overall view from sawyer's end. Note log-turner (Budget electric
chain hoist) in forground
MAR31_02 overall view of machinery, hydraulic motor in foreground, Case
engine at RH side, feedworks valve at LH side, forklift in background
with welder/generator on its forks. Also visible is exhaust and air
intake stacks at upper RH side.
MAR27_07 good overall view from takeoff end. batteries, right angle
drive, mandrel, and board splitter wheel are all visible.
MAR27_35 RH side of engine taken from front. Note closed radiator
MAR27_40 closeup of RH side of engine, showing injection pump,
injectors, final and intermediate fuel filters, and 3 seperate cylinder
MAR27_38 RH side of engine from rear. Clutch handle and abandoned
generator regulator visible in foreground.
MAR27_36 LH side of engine from front. Ether injector at LH side, GM
alternator next to oil filter. Note air filter with 3" exhaust piping
going outside building to feed clean air.
MAR27_02 good view of control panel with gauges.
MAR27_37 right angle gearbox drive, chain coupling, batteries at extreme
bottom of picture.
MAR27_23 Blade, running, closeup of feedworks control valve and throttle
control at center bottom. It's the original control, connected to the
injector pump with an outboard boat motor control cable.
MAR27_33 Closeup of saw blade showing inserted teeth (style 'B') Sawdust
drag vertical (down) part shown in center background, drive sheave to
left of that, and feedworks control valve at extreme RH side of picture.
MAR31_03 upper part of sawdust drag
MAR27_24 closeup of sawdust drag drive with 1/3HP motor. Note pair of
pipes for oil from/to hydraulic unit outside to/from feedworks drive
MAR31_05 sawdust drag N. of track. Cable drum at bottom
MAR31_04 lower sprocket of sawdust drag, carriage motor plumbing at RH
MAR27_27 Sawdust drag from side, note "bridge" for return run of chain
MAR27_26 Sawdust drag from next to building.
MAR31_07 Engine and belt drive, viewed from sawyer's platform. Hydraulic
motor and chain drive at extreme bottom, some of the plumbing at the
extreme left
MAR27_22 Closeup of feedworks hydraulic motor drive and chain reduction.
The shaft with the large sprocket has the pinion on the far end,
engaging the cable drum.
MAR27_25 Cable drum, pinion gear is on far end of shaft from large
sprocket. Blade and guides at extreme RH side of picture.
MAR27_30 Hydraulic power unit. 50 gallon reservior w/ pump inside, 15 HP
motor inside oil drum. This powers both feedworks motor and log
MAR31_06 Carriage, sitting at skidway
MAR27_32 Forklift, from LH rear
MAR27_31 Forklift, from front, Jetta and '64 Jeep P/U in background
MAR27_28 Forklift, from RH front
MAR27_29 Log splitter, powered by above hydraulic unit.
MAR27_09 rolling a fresh log onto the carriage
MAR27_13 taking slab cut
MAR27_14 taking first board after slab cut.
MAR27_12 rolling log
MAR27_11 peeling off a board. Sawdust drag visible at far RH side
MAR27_10 slicing off another board
MAR27_20 splitting a 4X8
MAR27_21 one of the resulting 2" planks. Note air-operated 2-man chain
saw hanging on wall
MAR27_08 carrying board to buggy
MAR27_19 putting boards on lumber buggy (4-wheel wagon gear)
MAR27_18 boards on buggy
MAR31_08 slab buggy
Apr03_08 Pile of sawed lumber (about a day's worth of work for us)
All about the sawblade.
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