Jim's Computer Setup (in the barn)
Jun08_01 Jim's NT workstation, P-133 w/64megs and 2-gig SCSI drive. Note
table made from full 2" cottonwood lumber, sawed on our mill.
Jun08_02 Overall view of computers in cabinets. Jim's workstation at LH
side, and 4 wood cabinets holding computer equipment. BBS is at far RH
side, IPAD and WWW server in center, "nanny" cabinet to left of that,
and Jim's machine's box at center-right. You can see cables hanging from
ceiling on bicycle hooks.
Jun08_03 IPAD cabinet, IPAD in center, WWW to left, and
www.auctionbin.com machine to right. There's 33 Supra modems in our
home-made rack at the top of the cabinet.
Jun08_04 BBS cabinet with 10 modems and Supra multi-modem power supply.
Modem rack is made from 1/2" dowel rods. Note vents at top to allow air
to escape.
Jun08_05 Rear of IPAD and nanny cabinets, showing filter setup. There's
2 frames, hinged at bottom, with a triple layer of air conditioner
filter foam sandwiched between them.
Jun08_06 IPAD cabinet with door open, showing 4" muffin fan that draws
air through above filter material.
Jun08_07 Top of IPAD cabinet with wiring to modems. There's an Astron
power supply that feeds all the modems through that home-made fuse block
just inside top of cabinet. There's 32 1/2-amp fuses!
Jun08_08 Phone wiring with punchdown blocks and RJ-11 jacks
Jun08_09 Those black boxes are the T1 connections from the TelCo. Below
the LH black box is the Invisible Fence transmitter, and our original T1
box is to the right of that. The little box sitting atop the TV with the
glowing LED is the interface  for the woodstove to the Radio Shack Color
Computer. (COCO)
Jun08_10 The COCO, and 2 of our 3 UPS', each connected to a pair of
trolling batteries at LH side.
Jun08_11 That box has a 3KVA 240/120 transformer that feeds all the
computer equipment. The meter to the right of it is showing about 15
amps draw on the secondary side. It feeds the 2 outlets in the previous
picture. (the ones near the top RH)
Left Hand Side of our New USR Total Control Rack; as viewed from the
RH Side, and from straight on. It has 48 X2 56K modems in it!

1st_Computer This is our very first TBBS operation, running a Radio Shack Model III, a VR Data 10-meg hard drive, and a Courier 2400 bps modem. Note the power strip with relay to make a "once off, stays off" operation to prevent the machine's attempting a reboot after a power bump. (It wouldn't!) We also had a pair of outboard floppy drives, one of them being an 80-track DSDD that held 760K of data!