Other Toys
This is the LH View of our Cooper-Bessemer gas engine. Flywheels are 68" diameter,
bore & stroke is approximately 9 1/2 X 14. The gadget in front of the Cooper is an
old B&S engine, driving an air compressor for starting the Cooper. Note the tank
under the big engine. You can see from the RH View that there's a clutch and 
belt pulley on the crankshaft. The exhaust stack is 4" diameter.
Here's a picture of a boring bar setup for working on large cylinders; it came
from Guy Lautard's Machinest Bedside Reader, Vol. 2, page 96. You should really
have all of the volumes! (3 at present)
Apr03_06 John Deere 440D tractor/loader/backhoe. Uses GM 2-53 Diesel engine
Apr03_07 1964 Jeep Pickup. NOT the original bed!
Generator Shed
MAR27_34 LeBlond 19X54 lathe with Aloris toolpost, drill press in
background. Also visible is air connection coming out of wall and chain
for 2-ton electric hoist.
My 1969 Bridgeport Mill, from the LH side. And from the RH side, with our big home-made hydraulic press in the background.
Jun09_01 Electronic beer tap (Heathkit electronic bathroom scale, calibrated

to read '0' with an empty keg and '100' with a full one)

Jun09_02 Wash sink, beer 'fridge to left, welder controls to right.

Pair of oil nozzles from the boilers of the Jerimiah O'Brien, a WWII Liberty Ship

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