1895 Olds
4/10 Scale Model

Bob Matthews & I built 3 of these models during the Winter of 2005 - 2006, spending approximately 700 hours total. That includes building the bases from our home-sawn cherry wood and the cover boxes from 1/2" plywood. Although this project had it challenges, we did a pretty good job of it.. These engines are close enough "to print" that almost any part could be replaced by another made to the drawings, with a minimum of  filing and fitting.

The engines are built from casting kits from Debolt Machine, Inc. out of Zanesville, Ohio. Debolt can be contacted at 740-454-8082 (sorry, no web page at this writing). They make some of the finest casting kits in the business and are very easy to work with. For reference, they sell Mechanic's Kits for $4000.00, and completed engines for $5000.00.

The engine is a bit unusual: It's Hit & Miss governed, with a ratcheting cam instead of  gears, inertia governor, ignitor ignition, fuel tank in base with a fuel pump. All of these features make for an engine that is very attractive, even to those who don't know the difference between a steam and a gas engine. It starts very easily and will sit there and run all day long. Our Vaughn model, also from Debolt, is the same way, and is a very nice feature of Debolt's models. All too often, we've observed models at shows that the owner starts only when someone is looking at them seriously. This model is quite large, being nearly 23" high, with 12" flywheels. The model, in its box, weighs well over 100#.

Unfortunately, we took no In Progress pictures.

Here's a view from the Left front.
From the Front, straight on
From the Right, front side
Closeup of the governor and cam
Closeup of the ignitor
With its transportation box installed.

Some points of interest: We use Camp Stove fuel, such as Coleman or the Wal-Mart equivelant, with 2-stroke engine oil mixed in at a 100:1 ratio. Lubricating oil is Mobil 1, 10W-30 synthetic. We try to adjust the cylinder oilers so they last about 2 hours or a bit less. Ignition is by a 12 volt rechargable battery that lasts about forever if it's only running this engine. The ignitor has a Blockout or "spark saver" that prevents operation except when a spark is actually required. The Vaughn operates the ignitor every other revolution, even when it's in the "miss" cycle.

The engine pictured is For Sale, for only $4000.00. In addition to the engine itself, several other items are included: the engine is on a solid cherry base, with a finger-jointed box covering the ignition coil. All of the drawings and the assembly video tape is included. We also have a Spare Parts Kit, consisting of  gaskets, ignitor insulator bushing, squeeze-bottle oiler, drip bucket, fueling funnel, special socket wrench, etc. Also included is an instruction sheet that incorporates everything we've learned over 300 hours of  operation (combined). The only things a buyer must do to show it is add fuel and connect a 12-volt battery.

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