1973 Avion 25' Travel Trailer

We bought this Avion in the Spring of 2000, to replace our 20' Airstream. We wanted more room, beds that could remain made up (no tearing down the couch in the morning, etc.), and tandem axles. The trailer was in very good shape when we got it, with a bit of floor rot by the door which was/is covered by a piece of carpeting that's fastened down. Although it IS larger than the A/S, it's actually less livable in some ways: The bathroom is smaller, shower is smaller, and you can't really get dressed with the door closed. The dining table is similar to a typical A/S, folding down when not in use, leaving just a couch. A chair is required for 2 people to sit comfortably at the table, and having another couple requires 2 chairs so you can face each other. A front dinette is under consideration.

It looks like this from the Street Side, and like this from the Curb Side. As you can see, it's ready to roll for a trip, golf cart in the bed of the Dodge truck and all. Note the 25-gallon water tank on the golf cart seat; a small 12VDC pump is used to transfer the water to the Avion.

We installed 2 solar panels on the roof, using home-made brackets. All hardware is Stainless Steel or aluminum, sealed with gaskets. The bolts into the roof use Riv-Nuts to attach, no sheetmetal screws.

The control panel is shown here. Note the Solar Controller at the top, with 2 meters below. The LH one monitors 120VAC, the RH shows current from the solar panels. Between the meters are a pair of neon lights, the green shows power On and correct polarity, the red one shows power On and polarity reversed.

Below the meters is a Crusing Equipment "e-Meter" which monitors battery voltage, current, and amp-hours in or out of the battery. It actually totalizes the usage, and the green LEDs act as a "fuel guage", based on usage, not simple battery voltage.

At the bottom of the panel are 2 lighted switches and fuses. The LH one is for the solar array, the RH one is for a fridge fan (not yet installed).

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