AirStream Repairs/Upgrades

Note: this list isn't really to show you how poor shape our A/S was in when we got it, I believe that most trailers will require much of this work by the time they're 30+ years old. You can expect to do all of this or more, and it's very time-consuming and not inexpensive. It's all done with this trailer, it can be dropped onto your hitch ball and lived in on the way home. Even the water and sewer hoses are included!

Replaced brake linings, magnets, seals, and LH drum.
Fabbed new 'A' frame from just in front of trailer body. Installed new hitch and 5/16" safety chains
Replaced propane switcher/regulator.
Replaced lines at propane regulator (in and out) with hose assemblies
Had tanks inspected, certified, and updated to OPD valves.
Replaced UniVolt
Added small muffin fans for refrigerator and furnace.
Added piezo ignitor for fridge to replace old flint wheel job.
Replaced 3 interior light fixtures with flourescents.
Rebuilt door lock assembly.
Replaced curb-side couch with dinette w/underseat storage, built with 3/4" and 1/2" plywood. Will make into bed.
Added flourescent light over dinette table
Replaced TV antenna with modern amplified unit.
Installed triple 12VDC receptacle over dinette table.
Re-riveted bellyskin as necessary.
Secured gas line under trailer.
Repaired leaks as necessary.
Replaced rear light lenses, painted insides of reflectors
Installed MaxAir cover over front vent.
Spare tire is included.
Replaced tub/shower faucet assembly, rebuilt other faucets
Replumbed water pump.
Repaired front window stone shield.
Made new curtains all the way around.
There are 2 'Bal' stabilizer jacks, no need for seperate jackstands.
Awning on curb side
Weight is about 3300# before packing.

Everything works!

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