In April of 2008 my wife and I took a trip to Canton, TX, for a regional tractor show. The show was packed with Farmall Cubs and I fell in love with that little tractor. I decided that I would start keeping my eyes open for one for sale. I was looking for a project, so I wasn't really concerned about the condition it was in, just so it was basically complete. After six months, I still had no leads.

I'm involved with our local senior center here in Moss Bluff. In early September I got a call from the director there asking me if I could come for lunch the following Wednesday to celebrate my birthday with some other seniors who also had birthdays in September. I went. After lunch a friend of mine showed up strictly coincidentally to pick up something for his wife. We struck up a conversation. He asked me if I knew anybody that might be interested in buying a Farmall Cub. I said "I was". So I followed him back to his house to see what he had. We struck up a deal and a few days later I was the proud owner of a Farmall Cub.

Now the tractor was pretty rough. It had obviously set out in the weather a long time. Even so, the sheet metal was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately in my haste, I didn't get a picture of the tractor the way it was when I unloaded it from the trailer at my shop. The tractor was a prime candidate for restoration, requiring a complete disassembly. Here is a picture after the first stage of disassemby.

I was hoping that with a little cleaning and adjusting I would be able to get it running. Not so. Only one cylinder had any compression at all. Two had stuck valves. I couldn't determine what was wrong with the fourth. So, I removed the head. Turned out that piston number three was busted. It didn't even move up and down when I turned the engine over. I feared the worst, but the only damage was to the piston. It actually was broken in two pieces at the oil ring groove. The rod and cylinder were in good shape. No problem that a new piston and rings wouldn't fix.

So began a long and tedious process of bringing this tractor back to life. The following pages are meant to document that journey.

So far I've replaced the broken piston and had the valves and seats ground. I'm waiting on some gaskets. When I get them I should be able to get the engine running.

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