With no regrets but with some reservation, I sold this mill on February 24, 2006


These pages describe and document the restoration of my 12" Williams Stone Burr Grist Mill. I bought the mill in January of 2000 and began restoration soon after. It took me close to a year, working off and on, to complete the mill. It sat in my shop for over a year after I had completed it. Finally, in January of 2003 I moved the mill out of my shop and set it up permanently in a shed behind my shop. Though I initially ran it off my John Deere H tractor, soon after I set up my Fairbanks-Morse ZC-118 to power it. Browse thru the many pages and pictures for complete details on the restoration.

Finally Finished.
A day at the mill.
A personal note from Eric Williams.

Construction Details
  • Building the hopper
  • Building the beams
  • Drilling those holes
  • Cutting circles in the beams
  • Repairing the frame
  • A very special part
  • Setting the bedstone
  • Finished for now
  • The engine

  • Gallery One
  • Gallery Two
  • Gallery Three
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