Here are a few of the things that I try to keep running around this place (Click on images or text links for larger image):

Boom Truck , a 1951 International.

Generator , a Toyota 18-R engine belted to a 175a 24 VDC alternator. This photo is of the engine in its cradle, before the alternator was set up.

Wind Machine, seen at the top of this photo, in the top of a 100'+ Douglas-fir tree, with the monkey/owner. The house/shop with PV array on the roof is below.

Here's a Close-up of the Wind Machine , a Whisper 1KW, 24 V, 3 phase machine.

And here's the view from up there.

Datsun , 1979 wagon. This man needs his head examined.

Van , 1980 Chevy, runs on propane. This photo was taken at Lake Louise, Alberta. We're towing the great home-built trailer that my French Canadian uncle gave me.

Truck , 1978 Toyota, well loaded with 22 bales of hay (and three kids) for our Cows , Scottish Highlands.

And here's a shot of my Dad and me putting the bed liner in the same pickup . Note the auxiliary marine drive (optional).

Sloop , Chrysler Buccaneer, with 7.5 HP Evinrude for emergency use (when the wind dies).

Here's a bonus shot, taken while we were borrowing a Hyster for the weekend. My son was preparing to take a high jump into our pond.

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