1960 Willys Overland horn bracket repairs


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Is there nothing that doesn't need repairing on this vehicle? Even the horn bracket required new fabricated parts. The horns are each held to the master bracket with thin spring steel, stacked and spaced. You see this arrangement on British vehicles a lot. The idea is to minimize horn noise transfer to the cabin.

Above is an original spring steel support. The ears fatigue crack. These were drawn in CAD and a dxf file used to program a laser burnout machine. The lower one is the new spring steel part we made on the laser machine. A total of 8 are required.

Here they are all in place. There are 2 side by side, then a space, and then 2 more. The stacks are hot riveted together with 3/16 diameter x 1/2" long rivets. Then we sand blasted the whole thing and then sprayed a couple of coats of Dupont Imron black. Its ready for the freshly painted horns after a few days of paint drying.