1960 Willys Overland front grill rebuild.


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Another item we worked on, while waiting on the king pins to arrive, was the front grill assembly. All in all it was in pretty good shape except for the center slat which was pushed back about 3/4". To properly push this back, a perfectly fitting piece of round stock about 12" long was placed on the inside, the slat heated, and all was tapped back in place. This restored perfectly the original contour. The rest of the grill was blasted and primed. There were 2 sheet metal tabs at the bottom that hold the wiring harnesses going to the lights that had rusted away. New ones were make and welded on. Some primer surfacer work, 2 painting sessions, and it was done.

Sorry the photo is a little burry, but it's all back in place with the radiator attached.

And a view from the back side. All done.