1960 Willys Overland I-beam front axle rebuild.


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We are taking a little break from all the body working and doing something mechanical. After looking it over it was decided we could remove the front axle easy enough and rebuild this. So Sunday afternoon 7/20/08 Devin got the jack stands out to lift the front end up in the air. Then he removed the bolts so we could roll the front end out.

Here the front shackle bolts are out and the wheels are on the ground.

Dad, it's 102 degrees and the mosquitoes are the size of B52's out here, why are you taking my picture?

Now here is a proud fellow!

We hoofed the axle up the hill and into the driveway.

After a week of getting stuck parts loose and nuts off that hadn't been removed in 45+ years, we finally got to sandblast and paint the parts.

All painted in Dupont Imron black. Now to wait on the replacement parts like the king pins and bushings to arrive.....then we can begin assembly.

Finally after many months of wrong parts and delayed parts, we have proper king pins and bushings. We began reassembly by mounting the leaf springs on the I-beam axle.

Then the right spindle assembly was installed with new thrust bearing.

And the same for the driver's side. Sure a big difference from a couple of months ago! So dirty!

Next the wheel cylinders and new brake pads were installed. It's starting to look good!


Replacement dust caps on the axle ends couldn't be found, so we happened to have just the right size tubing under the bench. Chucked the material in the 4 jaw chuck and turned to .06 thick with a shoulder on the end.

The pair have been parted off and are ready for welding.

Some ends were roughed from some 16 ga material.

Welded inside and out and the welds turned flush in the lathe. These have been sandblasted and are ready for paint.

All painted and assembled and back under the Jeep. Looking good!